We are a North Bay non-profit that provides opportunities for artists and enhances public appreciation of music.




We team up many artists and businesses to present accessible events. Two of our main events are the Railroad Square Music Festival and the Next Level Showcase & Conference.


We make online content that feature North Bay artists, events, and issues.Two of our main media projects are The Out There Tapes and the forthcoming NBH Radio.



We provide forums for artists to develop networks and skills, and encourage discussion regarding the role of arts in the community and how we can support our local musicians.

What We Believe in

  1. The Arts Thrive on Networks. We can create a stronger community by developing connections between artists, audiences, government, business, and all levels of the music industry.

  2. It Must be Easy for the Public to Encounter Music. Each population center needs access to events and experiences should be available at a low cost.

  3. All Levels of Music Creation are Important. The music lesson, the backyard concert, the club show, and the festival are connected and need similar support.

  4. The Musical Arts are Key Elements of the Economy. The support we give them as a community will come back financially in many ways.

  5. Digital Media Changes the Entire Artistic Landscape. We need to be students of the new media and willing to question our assumptions about how art is made and shared.


A musician who helps musicians.

Josh Windmiller was born and raised in the North Bay.  He started by performing in the area with his band The Crux in 2007 and was soon booking his group all over the North Bay. Eventually, Josh began presenting shows that he wasn't performing in and found that he loved doing that as well.

Josh founded the North Bay Hootenanny in 2010 to help create a stronger community in his hometown and to help make sure that the area remains a fruitful place for musicians and other artists in the future.